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About Us

HİMERPA was founded in 1980 in order to meet all the material needs of the insulation sector in Turkey. Since its foundation, Himerpa has taken the pioneer role in the process of marketing sales and distribution of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Noise Reduction and Fire Protection materials and reached to the leading brand position with its trustworthy trade character. 

Himerpa has achieved its current esteemed and strong structure due to its activities with bona-fide, honest, dynamic, competitive, conscious industrial discipline complying with laws and codes of conduct. Thanks to its environmental-friendly and customer satisfaction oriented working character, Himerpa’s existence and growth has been sustainable.

Today, Himerpa is the leader marketing-sales-distribution company in the sector with its 40 years experience, complete product diversification and warehouses having an indoor stock volume of 72.000 m³ at different locations of Istanbul. All these differences ensure that Himerpa provides faster and superior services than its competitors and becomes the most competent supplier for isolation material needs of Turkey.

Our Vision

As being the leader marketing/sales/distribution channel in insulation sector; our vision is to have our leadership position on insulation materials permanent by growing with firm steps forward, to prolong our success by creating differences and permanent values.

Our Mission

Himerpa’s core business is marketing, sales and distribution of insulation materials. While Himerpa is improving its success on its core business, correspondingly will be increasing its contribution to energy and source saving country wide, life comfort conditions enhancement of our people, protection of natural environment. Himerpa with this consciousness, on the topics of thermal insulation, waterproofing, noise reduction and fire protection, constantly follows the developments, informs and serves the right solutions and high in quality materials to its customers, works more with the proud of its trading facilities contribution to country benefits and environment protection.